Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Healthy Guide to Indulgent Eating in Paris

Sure, Paris is architecturally blessed, historically captivating, artistically inclined, and sartorially superior, but what about the food? I'm notoriously a picky eater, so everyone told me that I'd have a hard time finding places to eat there that weren't all about le fromage and la viande. However, through a little research (and a lot of Yelp-ing), I found my go-to culinary havens in the city - and I'm here to spread the good word. Behold my top picks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks in the city, starting with the legendary Fauchon.

PlaceFauchon Paris (26 Place de la Madeleine)
Type: Luxury desserts, edible souvenirs, and savory snacks.
Taste: If you're going to indulge, settle for nothing but the best. Try all of the colorful macarons in the patisserie, and bring an assorted box home for the fam.
Eye Candy:

Place: The Rose Bakery (20 rue de Debblyeme, Marais)
Type: Organic bites, vegetarian brunch, and gluten-free desserts. 
Taste: My morning ritual came in the form of their homemade granola and to-die-for banana smoothie.
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Place: Bob's Kitchen (74 rue des Gravilliers)
Type: Vegetarian lunch, gluten-free snacks, fresh juices, and smoothies.
Taste: I've previously sung Bob's praises here. I couldn't get enough of their ginormous futomaki with mangoes, avocado and radishes. Their fresh carrot juice with ginger was a great detoxifer after all the wine I inevitably consumed, too.
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Type: Brunch, brunch, and more brunch.
Taste: Sunday brunch at Les Orchidées in Park Hyatt Paris is the stuff dreams are made of. I highly recommend splurging on the 65-euro buffet spread, which features fresh baked goods, cereals, fruit, and made-to-order egg dishes. I created a delicious muesli, fruit, and dried fig bowl that I crave on the daily.
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Place: Chez Ferdi (32 rue Mont Thabor, near the Louvre)
Type: Lunch, dinner, small bites, and drinks.
Taste: Penelope Cruz says that Chez Ferdi makes the best cheeseburger on the planet, so I had to bring my burger aficionado boyfriend here to test this lofty title. While waiting for his burger and my non-meat spanish tapas to arrive, we ordered drinks and snacked on the complimentary seasoned nuts. Little did we know that the nuts would be OUT OF THIS WORLD. We couldn't put our finger on which spices were involved, but they were highly addictive and went perfectly with our mojitos. This is a must-stop.
Eye Candy:

Type: Creative cocktails and perfect for date night.
Taste: Master mixologist Thierry Hernandez holds it down here with his deliciously innovative concoctions. I love that they have two beverage menus - one for lushes and one for non-drinkers - so everyone can enjoy the atmosphere without feeling left out. On warm nights, be sure to order the pop-tail, which is essentially an alcoholic slushy. Perfect.
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Kevin Holden said...

I'm taking my health conscious wife to Paris for our 2nd anniversary celebration. Just in time, I saw a nearby restaurant in our hotel that serves gluten free desserts, thanks to your blog. I would surely take my wife at Bob's Kitchen for a romantic dinner! Thanks for sharing.

tifany underson said...

Living a conscious lifestyle brings you to healthier food product. Expect a longer year.

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