Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Rebirth of L.A. Style

"I’ve developed a love of L.A. style. Once a sea of Von Dutch trucker caps and Ed Hardy tattoo shirts, the city can now claim Rodarte and Band of Outsiders as its own." - Joe Zee

To me, saying "L.A. has no style" is as outdated as saying "no one lives in Brooklyn" - it's an old school of thought that makes you look completely out of the loop of current events. Just as Brooklyn has really become prime real estate in the last few years, Los Angeles is now one of the largest sources of emerging design talent on the map. LeyendeckerKain Label71 Stanton, Kucoon, and Luv Aj are just a few local labels currently making waves in the fashion world, in addition to the globally-recognized (and Zee-approved) Rodarte and Band of Outsiders.

Speaking of Mr. Zee, I really loved reading this feature on in which the creative director calls out his favorites spots in L.A. and explains just why this city is as rich in style, food, and culture as ever. As a born and raised Angeleno, I was particularly impressed by his shouts to Book Soup and M Café, and his nailing of the quintessential West Coast fashion girl's closet that includes chunky platforms, lots of vintage, and, of course, denim shorts.


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YES yes and yes!!! thank you for this Natalie! agreed a thousand percent. xxoo

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