Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY: Metallic Nails

While I've experimented with all types of trendy polish shades in my day, I always seem to revert back to metallic nails. I love the look of silver, gold, and iridescent digits because they feel like you're wearing jewelry without being obviously blingy (a la rhinestones and other nail art add-ons). 

Bored with my current color collection, I decided to play around with some to whip up my own batch of metallic goodness. Luckily, I nailed exactly what I was going for on the first try. After applying a base, I adding one coat of Essie's "Chinchilly" (which is this awesome granite gray). I could have added another coat but didn't feel the need to since I was layering anyway. After letting the first color dry, I layered on Essie's amazing new glittery top coat in "As Gold As It Gets." It immediately enhanced the look! 

I think I'm going to call this polish mash-up "Goldchilly."

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