Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thematic Nail Art

I've been intrigued with nail art since grade school. Given that I wasn't allowed to wear makeup yet, this was how I rebelled. I remember spending hours in my bedroom experimenting with crazy patterns and colorways, plotting new ways to make a statement that shocked the authorities. It was all very angsty.

Rather than copy existing nail art, I searched for themes in fashion, pop culture and nature, and challenged myself to channel the mani equivalent. (Awkward example: When Jurassic Park first came out, I honored my new fascination with dinosaurs by rocking dark purple/brown polish with little forest green spots. It was so bad, but so fun.) Over a decade later, I'm still experimenting. Here are a few recent, less embarrassing, creations.

Inspired by this flesh-colored costume that Britney Spears wore for her 2000 MTV Video Music Awards performance of "Oops!... I Did It Again." RGB's nude polish collab with eco-friendly celeb makeup artist Jenna Hipp is brilliant. To get this look, I applied two coats of HIPPxRGB's T2 shade and then used a sponge to add sparkly flecks of SpaRitual's Looking Glass, which is the perfect highly-pigmented silver polish. 
Inspired by the Halston x Liza Minnelli disco era. I loved the 2010 documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston and often fantasize about what it must have felt like to be one of the iconic designer's muses, aka a Halstonette. To get this look, I applied two coats of NCLA's Bel Air Trophy Wife and let it dry for an hour or so to ensure that the second step would turn out flawless. After confirming that my nails were 500% dry, I affixed Avery reinforcement labels approx a half centimeter from the tip to mimic the nail's natural moon shape. I then applied one coat of my trusty SpaRitual Looking Glass onto each stickerless tip and let it dry before removing the label.
Inspired by 4th of July fireworks. To get this look, I applied two coats of my absolute favorite white nail polish, CND's Brilliant White #502, and then used the same sponging technique from the nude/silver mani above to add red and blue "fireworks." 
Inspired by the galaxy. I hooked you up with a play-by-play tutorial on this back in April. Starring Orly's super cool Space Cadet shade, this is a favorite that I'll definitely be bring back this fall. (PS - I'm clearly obsessed with sponging.)

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